Welcome to Urban Flora Co. We are a husband + wife team who produce quality, handmade products from a small shop in our family home in Ontario, Canada. Merging our backgrounds in design + communications helped us realize our mutual goals of being creative, while optimizing our time together as a family. 

Our small, personal hobby of working with our hands to create beautiful + practical pieces, has quickly turned into a passion. We take great pleasure in our products being part of your everyday life, surrounded by your family, as that is the environment our pieces are made in + intended for. 

The majority of our materials are locally sourced + hand selected with emphasis on renewability. To honour the integrity of our materials, we craft each piece by hand + use hand tools to ensure a unique finish. No two pieces are the same.

We release small runs of our designs + hope that you'll visit us again soon to see what we've been working on. Please feel free to contact us at urbanflora@gmail.com with any questions, we'd love to help in any way we can. 

Thank you for stopping by!


The Urban Flora Co. Team